[ RESULT ]Half Marathon ~ A Fast 13.1~ OCT.30.2020

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Result  Suguru Osako 61:15

Name 15km 10Mile 20km Half Total Pace Total Pace
GalenRupp 42:46.8 45:53.1 57:16.2 01:00:22.2 4:37/Mile 2:52/km
SuguruOsako 43:25.1 46:35.8 58:13.1 01:01:15.8 4:41/Mile 2:54/km
PatrickTiernan 43:15.5 47:44.4 02:41.8 01:06:42.1 5:06/Mile 3:10/km



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Galen: 60:22 Suguru: 61:15 FAST. #RunGalen #RunSuguru

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Suguru Osako and Galen Rupp are aiming for a fast half marathon on Friday, OCT.30.2020 near Eugene

Organizers are declining to reveal the course’s location or time in deference to the coronavirus pandemic.


Eugene Marathon has set up the course and said “We’ll be covering the race here on Stories and over on our Twitter account. We also hope to go live for the finish.”








Select Lungage: English 日本語 (Japanese)

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